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Serves 1
This is a great breakfast dish if you have some leftover noodles in the fridge from the day before. It is quick and easy to prepare and instantly satisfying. I am assuming you have some left over yakisoba (or something similar) and have given the recipe for one person only.

For the omelette
3 eggs
1 level teaspoon salt
little butter
little oil

Leftover yakisoba or other noodle dish

Place 3 of the eggs in a bowl with some salt and just loosen them up. Don't whisk them together completely just give them a few swirls with your fork.

Heat some oil in a non stick frying pan and add the eggs swirling them around to fill the pan.
When the omelette is nearly cooked through place the noodles at one end. Lift the omelette over the noodles and roll it up. Lower the heat for a couple of minutes as the noodles heat through and the the rest of the omelette cooks through.
When you are sure that all of the egg has been cooked through serve up immediately or hold in a warm place if you are making more.

Serve topped with your favourite condiment or sauce.
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