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Leftover egg nori roll
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Let me set the scene. You have made one of the omelette or egg roll dishes and the first one got stuck to the pan and ripped. You are left with either eating it there or then or binning it. Well, do neither. Gather together any leftovers you have and roll them into this simple nori roll.

Nori seaweed sheets
leftover omelette mix
Any leftover vegetables
Lay a sheet of nori seaweed onto your sushi mat. lay on your leftover omelette and pile in your leftover vegetables. Squeeze in a little wasabi paste and roll it up. If the nori seaweed doesn't seal just wet it a little by dipping your fingers in water and dabbing them on the nori.

If you haven't messed up any omelettes because you have mastered the technique it is likely you may have a little omelette batter left in your bowl. Just cook it off quickly in a pan and use that.
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A Sushi mat is a device for rolling sushi. It is usually made from bamboo and they are very cheap to buy. Sushi can be rolled without it but but some things like spinach or delicate things like egg rolls can't. If you can't find one locally buy one online.
Nori seaweed is used for wrapping around rice to create nori sushi but has many other uses. It is dry and made in a similar way to paper - but using seaweed. You will find it in large sheets in most Asian grocers.

Nori seaweed is high in fibre, vitamins, protein and minerals. It provides calcium and iron and contains other important trace minerals and is traditionally eaten to strengthen the circulatory system and help lower cholesterol.
Wasabi is a Japanese horseradish with a strong, hot flavour that doesn't leave an afterburn in the mouth. A bit like snuff it can freeze your brain if you take to much - not literally!

It can be bought in powder form, in which case you mix it with a little water to form a green paste, or pre mixed in a tube. Use whichever you prefer - the tubed stuff is more convenient. Whenever you serve sushi serve some of this as well along with some pickled ginger and soy sauce.