Green tea truffles
Green tea truffles
Chocolate and wasabi brownie
Asian pear pudding
Melon sushi
Banana chawan mushi
Blueberry pancake roll
Shu creams
Mango tempura donuts
Lemon cotton cheesecake
Introduction :: Soups and dashi :: Egg dishes :: Sushi :: Fast food :: Noodles and rice :: Side dishes :: Desserts
Japanese style desserts are called Wagashi and Western style desserts called yogashi and the desserts in this chapter definately fall into the second category. I have used traditional Western desserts and given them a slightly Japanese twist. I haven't, however, made them up completely as I know that shu creams and soft steamed puddings are popular in Japan.

Japanese desserts can seem a little strange to a Westerner so I thought that this approach was the best approach. Japanese desserts tend to contain, for us, unfamiliar ingredients such as kanten (agar agar) and sweet azuki beans in dishes like yokan. If you get a chance to explore traditional desserts it's worth a look as they tend to be much healthier having much lower fat contents and using less refined ingredients.