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I searched high and low and only found a limited number of dishes where egg is the main constituent but I decided it should have it's own chapter because it contains two dishes that are very important in Modern Japanese cuisine - Tamagoyoki and Okonomiyaki.

The Tamagoyoki or rolled omelette is often eaten for breakfast but it can also be used as a filling for rolling in or topping sushi or as a topping to Hiyashi chuka ( a cold noodle summer salad) and so is very versatile and worth becoming familiar with.

Okonomiyaki is very popular in Japan at the moment and there are many restaurants that are dedicated to it. It is basically a thick pancake that is cooked on an iron griddle plate and filled with various things depending on what you want in it. The word 'Okonomiyaki' translates as 'as you like it'. There are many recipes out there so it's worth checking online to see the array of possibilities.