Tofu and courgette pizza
Fast food
Vegetable and halloumi yakitori
Katsu aubergine
Leek and cheese gyoza
Seaweed and potato patties
Sweet potato tempura
Fried cabbage rolls
Pumpkin korokke
Cheeseless pizza
Tofu and courgette pizza
Japanese curry
Introduction :: Soups and dashi :: Egg dishes :: Sushi :: Fast food :: Noodles and rice :: Side dishes :: Desserts
This chapter is a sort of miscellany of the more unhealthy options that Japan has to offer the world. Some of these dishes are examples of Yoshoku or 'Western food' where Japanese cooks have adapted Western classics to suit their own tastes.

What this creates is a kind of fusion food which is inevitably what happens when one style of cuisine jumps from one culture to another. The curries and dishes in most of the Indian restaurants up and down the UK bear little resemblance to the dishes found in India. They have been changed and adapted to suit English tastes. The hamburger and pizza that are so loved by Americans have their origins in Europe and are quite different to how they are prepared in Germany or Italy.