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Serves 4

400g (14oz) short grain rice or your favourite rice
700ml (1½ pints) water
2 level teaspoons salt
100g (½ cup) button mushrooms
100g (½ cup) fresh shitake mushrooms
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp mirin

Wash your rice under plenty of cold running water. Keep washing until the water nearly runs clear. Drain.

Slice the mushrooms. Use whatever mushrooms you want but if you can find fresh shitake mushrooms it's worth using them.
Heat a little oil in a pan and fry the mushrooms until they start to brown. This will take about 5 to 7 minutes.
Add the water and bring it to the boil. Add the remaining ingredients and as soon as the water comes back to the boil top the pan with a tight fitting lid, or a plate wrapped in a tea towel, and lightly simmer the rice for 12 minutes. Set the timer or keep an eye on the clock.

After the twelve minutes is up leave the lid on and let it steam in it's own juices for a further ten minutes. Lift the lid and serve.
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Mirin is a sweetened sake with a similar taste to a sweet sherry. It is used a lot in Japanese cooking and used in many recipes in this book so it is worth seeking out a bottle. Lots of supermarkets now stock mirin and you will more than likely find it in your local Asian grocer. It can be quite expensive but no more than a good sherry.