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As much as you want
This is very much a recipe for using up leftovers and adding an extra dish to your meal, bento box, lunch without much added effort. Use any sauce and any cooked or raw vegetables and roll them in lettuce leaves.

1 cos or romaine lettuce
assorted cooked and raw vegetables
Sauce: teriyaki, bbq, miso, ponzu or yakitori

Simply place a lettuce leaf on a work surface making sure it is strong and large enough to wrap something in. Chop up your mixed vegetables and mix them with whatever sauce you are using. Place some of the vegetable mixture on the lettuce leaf and roll.
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Teriyaki sauce is a marinade usually use on meats and fish for marinating prior to grilling or barbequeing. It is widely available these days in most supermarkets. If you want to make your own there is a bewildering quantity of recipes out there and all very differnt. There are only 3 ingredients you need: Soy sauce, mirin and sugar. Quantities below.
Teriyaki sauce
100ml soy sauce
100ml mirin
1 tbsp sugar
Warm the ingredients together in a pan and cool.