Although the cafe is closed we will be taking orders for Mushroom wellingtons with wild mushroom sauce and nut roasts with gravy as usual.

We won't be operating a delivery service but your order can be picked up anytime in the run up to Christmas at your convenience. The last pick up day will be Wednesday 23rd December.

To order call 0191 276 3935

Or use our online contact page either by email directly or use the message form.

Scroll down for your cooking instructions.

Nut roast with gravy £5.50 Vegan and gluten free

A cashew nut roast flavoured lightly with Christmas spices, basil, mixed herbs, leeks, apricots and sundried tomatoes. The roast is pre baked and just needs to be defrosted and baked to reheat. Each portion is accompanied by a pot of gravy which can be heated in a small pan or microwaved.

Mushroom wellington with wild mushroom gravy £6.50

Two roasted balsamic flavoured portbello mushrooms, sandwiching a pecan and stilton pate flavoured with peppers, mushrooms and port ,and then wrapped in puff pastry. Accompanied by a pot of creamy wild mushroom sauce.

The wellington is sold frozen so it needs to be defrosted and baked at the top of a medium to high oven for about 20 to 30 minutes. The sauce just needs to be reheated.

Cooking instructions

Mushroom wellington
Make sure the wellington is defrosted - take it out of the freezer the night before. Brush with beaten egg to glaze it and place it on a baking tray. Bake it in a medium to high oven on the top shelf for about 25 minutes until it is a deep golden brown colour. If you have lots of things in the oven at the same time it may take longer. Warm the sauce in a small pan and serve. If the sauce dries out a little bring it back with a little water.

Nut roast The nut roast is already cooked and only needs to be reheated. Keep the roast in the foil container and place it foil side up on a baking tray. Heat for about 15 minutes lower down in the oven. Sometimes the gravy looks a bit wobbly when it is frozen but when you heat it in a small pan it will come together again.