Why should I pay for a recipe?

It's true there are millions on the internet but I'll just relay one experience I had recently. A customer requested a New York cheesecake. Having never cooked one before I searched on google for a recipe. On the first two pages I found at least 10 recipes which was great. Unfortunately, they were all different. They were all cheesecakes but some had flour in, some sour cream, some toppings, some grahams crackers...and the list goes on.

It was only because I had so many years of cooking experience that I was able to work out which recipe would match my memory of what New york cheesecake tasted like. Without this knowledge I would have had to take pot luck.

My recipes have been tried and tested so all of the research and leg work (or finger work) has been done for you.

Also the dishes here contain more than one recipe. There are sometimes four or five so with 10 or 12 downloads you have something approaching a small cookbook with recipes you have chosen yourself. If you come into the restaurant you even have the chance of tasting them - even better.

Another failing of many interent recipes is the lack of detail. Quite often there will only be one main photograph but no other pictures of the dishes being prepared. Sometimes there isn't even a main picture. Food blogs are much better at showing picture detail but, unless the blogger is an experienced cook or chef, the dishes may have only been attempted one or two times and this makes them a little unreliable.

How does it work?

It's very simple.

1 Select the dishes you want to buy.

2 Click the view cart button where you will see your purchase summary. When you are satisfied checkout and you will be taken to the paypal site. If have an account then log in but if you don't have an account don't worry you can just pay using your debit or credit card.

3 When you have paid you will be directed back to sky apple website where you can download your recipes. You will also automatically be sent an email with the same download links. The links will stay active for 24 hours so you have this amount of to download them to your device. After 24 hours the links will no longer work.

If you encounter a problem then please report it via the 'send us a message' page.

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