Taster menu

Once a month we will present a taster menu show casing what we think is the best we can produce. They will reflect the seasons and produce available and the styles and recipes we are developing at the time

This August the menu is vegan.

While we try and keep our evening prices as low as possible we will have to charge a little more than usual but we feel that it is well worth it to taste food of such refinement. You can choose between a five course or eight course menu. The menus are set and the 5 course menu is a reduced version of the 8 course menu.

Taster menu August 2nd 2018

8 courses £37

5 courses* £22

Below is the 8 course menu with the 5 star menu marked with an asterisk.

Heritage tomato press *
With a cucumber consomme.

Katsu aubergine
Pan fried breaded aubergine with sticky rice, a Japanese style curry sauce and watermelon rind kimchi.

Saffron risotto roll *
Saffron risotto flavoured with herbs, filled with vegan basil ricotta, and deep fried. With olive tapenade and a sun dried tomato mayo.

Sweetcorn taco*
sweetcorn taco filled with a mushroom and sweetcorn chilli. With hickory smoked barbeque sauce and a sweetcorn sauce.

Hiyashi chukka
A cooling Japanese summer salad with courgette ramen, vegan ham, shredded pancake, asparagus, fine beans, seaweed, wasabi, soy and mirin dressing.

Mango lassi *

Tiramisu flowerpot *
With coffee, dessert wine, vegan cream and an oreo crumb topping.

Coconut bounty
Filled with caramelised pineapple and coated in chocolate.

V=vegan, GF=gluten and wheat free, N=contains nuts. Corkage £2.30 per person for B.Y.O

We now open for Sunday lunch from 11am to 4pm!

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Summer tapas
Summer tapas
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