Xmas dinner stack with onion gravy, Yorkshire pud, chestnut and cherry stuffing, pear and red cabbage, cranberry and red wine sauce with pigs in blankets.

Serves 6, mostly vegan and gluten free

I have been developing my nut roast recipe for many years now and I think I have finally cracked it. It now has the right balance of sweet and sour and depth of flavour to more than rival a chunk of dead animal.

A Xmas dinner or roast dinner has a lot going on and requires a lot of time and effort so I have included all of the recipes in the kind of order you are likely to use and make them starting with the nut roast itself.If you can master the roast and the gravy you are moist of the way there.

They both freeze well so you can make them well in advance to spread the load

Contains 7 recipes

Cashew nut roast
Brown stock
chestnut and cherry stuffing balls
red cabbage and pear bake
Cranberry and red wine sauce
Yorkshire puds including vegan puds


Cashew nut roast Frying the spices Making the roast
stufffing balls red cabbage and pear bake cranberry and red sauce

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