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Red Thai curry

Red Thai curry Red and green thai curry pastes can be found in most supermarkets these days. Just check that they don't contain any fish sauce or shrimp paste. This is the quickest curry I know and if you watch the video you'll see what I mean. Use any seasonal veg.


vegetable oil
2 dessertspoons red Thai curry paste
6 fresh or dried lime leaves
2 courgettes
1 carrot
Handful peas
10 babycorn
6 cherry tomatoes
Handful french beans
1 500g jar / pack (2 cups) of passata or pre made tomato sauce
1 tin coconut milk or 1 block creamed coconut or one carton of coconut cream
1 tin of chickpeas
2 level teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon sugar
Handful chopped coriander

Heat a little bit of oil in a pan or wok and add the thai curry paste. Fry for a little while and then add all of the veg. Use whatever vegetables that are I'm season. I cooked this dish in late spring so I used asparagus and fresh peas but use whatever available. However, it is probably best not to use root vegetables such as parsnips and potatoes unless they are cooked first.

Fry the veg for a few minutes and then add the coconut and passata. Season with the salt and simmer for about ten to fifteen minutes until the sauce is thick and the veg soft, fold in the coriander, and serve with rice, noodles or breads.

Homemade Thai curry paste

1 bunch lemon grass
12 red chillies
1 small onion
3 cloves of garlic
peel of 2 kaffir limes
1 large thumb of peeled galangal
50ml (2floz) vegetable oil
1 teaspoon salt

Trim the red chillies, peel and chop the galangal and place all of the ingredients into a food processor. Whizz up until the paste is as fine as you can get it. Traditionally the paste would be ground in a pestle and mortar but I find that this quick method produces a very satisfactory result.

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