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Leftover risotto cakes

Leftover risotto cakes So you've made too much risotto and you don't feel like eating the same thing the next day? Why not fry it up into cakes and top it with some salsa or top them with melted cheese

Why not try serving them up in a burger bun for the kids?

For the cakes

Leftover risotto
plain flour or gram (chickpea) flour
Vegetable oil for frying

First of all flour your work surface well. Take a handful of risotto rice and roll it into a ball. Smother it in flour and press it in to a mould or, if you don't have a mould, squash it into a patty shape. Push the cake out of the mould and place it on a floured surface.

Repeat this process until you have used up your rice.

Place some oil into a frying pan, place it over a medium heat and leave it for 4 minutes to come to temperature. Give your cakes just one last coating of flour and lay them carefully in the pan. Do not overcrowd them!

When they have browned on one side turn them over and brown the other.

Serve them with salad or vegetables.

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