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Sitting in Yo Yushi! sushi bar in Fenwicks in Newcastle upon Tyne, England and watching the eye catching morsels of tempting food pass by, it was plain to see how few of the dishes were vegetarian. I don't mean to criticise Yo sushi in any way, as they are only reflecting the demographics and tastes of their consumers, but it did occur to me that it was worth delving into the world of Japanese cuisine and seeing how many vegetarian dishes and recipes there are out there.

I have been cooking Japanese food for many years now and I alway find a place for a Japanese dish on all my menus that I create at the Sky apple and this e-book is the culmination of many years and more recently many months of investigation, cooking, testing, eating and ultimately writing.

Japanese veggie food is healthy, most of the recipes are vegan and many of them are gluten free if you use a gluten free soy sauce.

The ebook contains 7 chapters with over 60 dishes

Soups and dashi - an introduction to Japanese soup making.

Egg dishes - Japanese style pancakes and omelettes

Sushi - Learn how to make 11 types of vegetarian sushi

Fast food - The less healthy options like tempura, gyoza and classic dishes like Yakitori and pumpkin korroke

Noodles and rice - 8 great noodle recipes including how to make udon noodles by hand

Side dishes - A few methods for preparing Japanese style vegetables along with some simpler dishes.

Desserts - 9 delicious Japanese inspired desserts. There is also a glossary of ingredients.


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