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At night time we posh it up a bit and cafe becomes restaurant.

March April menu 2018

Anything marked Heat 'n' eat can be taken away cold and reheated at home later for a dinner party or a special evening meal.

We will take the VAT off the prices quoted below. We require 24 hours notice. Just call to order and pick up the next day.

Please note that the Heat and eat will only be available on Friday and Saturday nights.


Soup of the day V £4.90  Heat 'n' eat

Korean ‘beef’ roll V £5.30  Heat 'n' eat
A Korean style pajeon pancake with fine cut spring onions and red pepper, rolled around soy mince flavoured with soy, ginger, garlic and coriander and served hot on leaves with a little kimchi coleslaw.

Japanese style kebabs V, Gf £5.30
Aubergine, button mushroom and courgette baked in a Japanese style bbq sauce and skewered with battered tofu vish and cherry tomato. Served on a bed of chirashi sushi.

Goats cheese Zweibelkucken £5.50  Heat 'n' eat
A small quiche like tart filled with goats cheese, our own home made smoked vegan bacon and caramelised onion. Topped with a small dressed salad and served on a beetroot beurre blanc.

Green pea curry massala V, Gf £5.20  Heat 'n' eat
A green pea and courgette curry flavoured with mint, coriander, fenugreek, ginger, chilli, coconut and garlic. Topped with a roti jala or net bread and finished with pomegranate seeds, toasted coconut and a soy mint yoghurt.

Mixed vegetable tempura £5.40  Heat 'n' eat
Courgettte, carrot and sweet potato dipped into a tempura style batter and deep fried. Served with maple confit aubergine and a curry mayonnaise.

Main courses

Pie in the Sky £9.80  Heat 'n' eat
A chip shop classic: Button, chestnut and field mushrooms baked in a French style shortcrust pastry. Served with twice cooked chips, home made mushy peas and gravy.

Souffle pancake £10.80  Heat 'n' eat
Garlicky spinach, red onion marmalade, Camembert and Stilton cheese wrapped in a French style crepe. Topped with a chervil and dill soufflé sauce and baked until puffed up. Served with a creamy lentil and tomato sauce flavoured with ginger.

Xinxim curry V, Gf £9.80  Heat 'n' eat
A Brazilian / African style curry made with peanuts, chilli and coconut milk also with peppers, butternut squash, peas and courgette. Served with basmati rice and a black eye pea fritter and a topping of molho a campanha.

Vietnamese platter V, Gf £9.95  Heat 'n' eat
Vietnamese style steamed meatballs made from mushroom duxelle, lentils, ginger, garlic, lemon grass, beetroot and coriander. Reheated in a sweet, sticky sauce flavoured with lemon grass and lime leaves. Served with a rice noodle salad and a pickled vegetable salad and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds.

Ricotta and kale dumplings £9.50  Heat 'n' eat
Ricotta cheese flavoured with basil, garlic and white wine and then rolled into dumplings with cooked kale. Served in a tomato and herb gravy and topped with veggie parmesan, a small salad and breaded mozzarella sticks.

Chips £3.20
Sweet potato chips £3.90
Side salad £3.90
Bread and olives £3.90
Cheesy nachos £4.90


Fruit doughnuts V £5.20  Heat 'n' eat
mixed fruit doughnuts served with green tea and coconut ice cream and spiced pear compote.

Chocolate mousse torte Gf £5.90
an almond and polenta sponge layered with chocolate ganache and then a chocolate mousse. Served with a quenelle of orange syllabub..

Bread and butter pudding £5.10  Heat 'n' eat
with whisky plumped raisins, a salted caramel topping, toffee ice cream and a mixed berry sauce.

Cheese board £6.80
Our cheese selection varies weekly so please ask for details.

Vegan Cheese board £6.80
With a selection of homemade vegan cheeses, crackers and chutney. Our cheese selection varies weekly so please ask for details.

V=vegan, GF=gluten and wheat free, N=contains nuts. Corkage £2.20 per person for B.Y.O

We now open for Sunday lunch from 11am to 4pm!

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Sunday 11am to 4pm

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