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Sky apple cafe recipe downloads

Now you can download my our latest recipes. Most of the dishes are PDFs so you can build up a collection of your favourite recipes on your computer, tablet, pad or smartphone.

Cookery books even cookery ebooks can be expensive so now you have the chance to select the recipes that interest you and drop the ones you would never attempt.

All the recipes, yes all, have been tried and tested. Some year after year and always for at least 6 weeks. This means that they have all been put through the grinder - checked and rechecked by myself (andy T chef) and the other Sky Apple chefs and tasted and approved by our descerning customers. If anything doesn't work it won't and can't stay on the menu.

There will be charge for each download but this only reflects the amount of work that goes into the pdfs. They have to be written up and photographed (not to mention developed in the first place). And also it reflects the amount of information included. Each dish, no matter how complicated, has full recipes and instructions on how to faithfully recreate it. No information has been held back.

Also there are tips and advice to help you progress and hone your cooking skills. You will increase your vegetarian repertoire dish by dish and recipe by recipe
If your not sure download one or two at a time and see how you get on. There are a few free pdfs here and there so you can try these.

Featured recipes

Busy vegetarian ebook


Pecan pie with blueberry coulis and banana and maple ice cream


African vegetable stew and Senegalese black eye pea fritters


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Tandoori halloumi naan
Tandoori halloumi naan
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