How to use the Cakemaker

1. Select the type of cake you would like to make by clicking one of the cake images. Do you want cupcakes, a two layer classic spongeake or a traybake?

2. The sponge will need some kind of flavouring. Select vanilla if you are not sure but whatever you choose it will be mixed in with and cooked into the sponge.

3. Do you want bits in your sponge? You might want a lemon and poppyseed cake or some fruit or some chocolate chips. Select from sponge extras. If you want a plain sponge just select 'none'.

4. Think about what kind of icing or frosting you want. Think about what kind of flavours go well together. This will can go inside and on top of you cake.

5. Select a filling. This will sit inside the layer cakes. This option is disabled if you are making a traybake or cupcakes as they are usually just topped and not filled.

6. Once your cake is cooked and iced what would you like to top it with. Again think about flavours that go well together.

Finally click 'get my cake' and your recipe will appear. You can print it up or save it as a device as a pdf. Enjoy!



Download pdf