The deli can provide buffets to pick up or they can be delivered at weekends or on evenings during the week. There will be a £15 charge for the delivery of buffets less than £200 in value. We will need at least 48 hours notice as all our our food is cooked fresh. The minimum buffet is ten people. The picnic can be made for a minimum of 6. If there are less of you just check out the deli menu as that is available 11 to 3 monday to Friday.

Below is our buffet builder widget to help you make your choice. There are set buffets to help you. You can check the cost as you go using the calculate cost button.

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Mixed vegetable kofta Mixed vegetable koftas Vegan, Gluten free

These are similar to onion bahjees. Finely shredded peppers, courgettes, red onions, carrots bound together with garlic, ginger, Indian spices and chickpea flour, rolled into balls and deep fried. These are £1.25 per portion and there are 2 good sized koftas per person.

Each tray of koftas is accompanied by a soy yoghurt and mint sauce dip.

Vietnamese style rice rolls Vietnamese style rice rolls Vegan, Gluten free

These deliciously chewy rice wrappers are filled with two fillings. Mushrooms baked with a Vietnamese style chilli and caramel sauce and mixed vegetables stir fried with ginger, garlic and gluten free soy sauce. In the picture they are cut in half but we serve them as a whole roll topped with coriander and spring onions.

There is one roll per serving at a cost of £1.20 per person.

Goats cheese bruschetta Goats cheese bruschetta Gluten free available on request

Ciabatta bread topped with a homemade fresh basil oil, homemade red onion marmalade, a slice of goats cheese baked and toasted to a crisp. This is a good filler if you want to fill everybody up with value for money. We can substitute gluten free bread but as it way more expensive there will be a small additional charge of 20p per item.

There is one bruschetta per serving at a cost of £1.40 per person.

Tandoori vegetable and halloumi kebabs Tandoori vegetable and halloumi kebabs Gluten free

Courgette, aubergine, peppers, halloumi and cherry tomatoes marinated in a tikka spices and yoghurt and then baked. They are then skewered together.

There is one kebab per serving at a cost of £1.40 per person.

Pumpkin wraps Pumpkin and blue cheese wraps

Cooked butternut squash chunks bound in a sour cream and blue cheese dressing with spinach, stilton, cucumber, cherry tomato and red onion. Rolled into a small wheat flour tortilla and served either whole or cut in half.

There is one wrap roll per serving at a cost of £1.30 per person.

Sausage rolls Sausage rolls Vegan

This is another good filler. A homemade sausage roll filling flavoured with onions, herbs and smoked paprika and bound together with soy mince. Rolled in puff pastry and baked. These sausage rolls aren't the tiny ones you find in the frozen food aisle but will need 3 or 4 bites.

There is one sausage roll per serving at a cost of £1 per person.

Falafels Falafel salad Vegan, Gluten free

Our homemade falafels are made from soaked chickpeas, herbs, garlic and cumin. We fry them fresh for maximum moistness. They are served with a small mixed salad of mixed leaf, cucumber and tomato. Add a dollop of hummus or salsa as a dip for an extra 20p per person.

There are 2 falafels and a small mixed salad per serving. £1.20 per person.

Mini pizzas Mini pizzas Vegan available with vegan cheese

Our mini pizzas are made with a house made pizza dough and topped with various toppings depending on availability. Typicasl toppings are:
Tomato, basil, mozzarella and olive
Mushroom, tomato sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomato
Sausage, tomato sauce, mozzarella and stilton
Red onion. tomato sauce and goats cheese
Cherry tomato, pickled pepper and olive.

There is 1 mini pizza per serving. £1.10 per person.

Arancini or risotto balls Arancini or risotto balls Gluten free, Vegan available with vegan cheese

First we make a herby risotto, cool it down and roll the risotto around a little dolcelatte cheese. These are then rolled in gluten free flour and deep fried.

There are two arancini per serving. £1.40 per person.

Sweetcorn fritters Sweetcorn fritters Gluten free, Vegan

Sweetcorn kernels bound together with a gluten free batter with coriander, seasoning and fine chopped onion and pan fried.

There are two sweertcorn fritters per serving £1.30 per person.

Tartlets Goats cheese and red onion tartlets

A light puff pastry tartlet filled with red onion marmalade and goats cheese and baked. Fluffy and intensely flavoured.

One tartlet per serving £1.50 per person.

Tartlets Mixed vegetable and feta frittataGluten free

Courgette, herbs, mint, red onion, peppers, egg and cream baked together into a frittata. Loaded with flavour and protein these frittata are very filling and tasty.

One square or wedge per serving. £1.40 per person.

Sweetcorn succotash Sweetcorn succotashVegan, gluten free

Wok fried courgettes and peppers cooked with smoked paprika. Finished with red onion, sweetcorn, coriander and seasoning.

About 80 to 100g per serving.£1 per person.

Swedish slaw Swedish style coleslawVegan, gluten free

A regular style coleslaw of white cabbage, onion and carrot with the extra flavouring of yellow mustard, gherkin vinegar and fresh dill.

About 80 to 100g per serving.£1 per person.

Triple chocolate brownie Triple chocolate brownie Guten free

A gluten free brownie with dark chocolate, cocoa and white chocolate. Crunchy on the outside and gooey in the middle. Made with gluten free flour.

1 brownie per serving.£1.30 per person.

Triple chocolate brownie Slice of cake or cupcakeVegan

As a vegan dessert alternative on your buffet you could order cake. Either a slice of cake per person with your choice of flavour or a cupcake.

1 cake slice or cupcake per serving.£1.30 per person.