It seems that the Covid jitters has affected two potential buyers and they have backed out. So this December we have decided to open the cafe on a Friday night only.

Please note that the Friday night extra won't start until 4th December once the lockdown has ended.

We will start a "Friday night extra". We will serve an extended takeaway menu that can be eaten as a sit down meal in the cafe in takeaway containers.

The menu will include our usual vegan and veggie vish and chips as well old favourites like the volcano, sushi platter, and more..
Only one household will be able to eat on one table and the usual covid restrictions and guidelines will be in place. The cafe will open from 5.30pm and last orders will be 8pm.

If you are interested in coming or booking please contact us via the contact page or call 0191 276 3935. Scroll down for the menu. B.Y.O. will be free but we will have a small selection of beer available.

The deli is open as normal during the lockdown Halloumi naan and we will be selling mushroom wellingtons and nut roasts as usual this year from the deli as well as vegan cheeses and cakes. Details can be found on the Christmas orders page or follow the xmas orders button above.

buffets We can also prepare takeaway buffets from the deli for when we can meet in groups again. Use our buffet planning widget to build your own buffet.

Victoria sponge Even though the cafe is closed we are still selling your favourite cakes in the deli. Whole vegan cakes and cupcakes can be ordered and taken away as before from the deli.

Try our new cakemaker widget if you want to try making your own cake. It can generate hundreds of recipes that can be downloaded as a pdf to your device or computer.

We have a new section on the website Cook online. The idea is to develop a space where everybody can learn to cook veggie and vegan food. There is a section on Japanese cooking called vegetable nirvana. In the future there will be several interactive cooking widgets like the cakemaker, pasta picker, the spice grinder and the salad designer.

We will also be posting projects that teach step by step how to make some of our most popular dishes like the volcano and the mushroom wellington. Each project will build up a repertoire of recipes and dishes for cooking at home or for professionals looking for veggie and vegan ideas.

Sky Apple Friday night fry up extra menu

Vegan vish and chips £6.50
homemade from tofu, sauteed root vegetables, herbs and nori seaweed. Gluten free available.

Halloumi and chips £6.50
Wrapped in slices of aubergine, dipped in batter and deep fried. Gluten free available.

Sausages in batter with chips £4.20
Two vegan sausages dipped in batter and deep fried.

Volcano £8
Fried volcano filled with refried beans, sweet potato gratin, mozzarella, cheddar. Topped with salsa, jalapenos and sour cream. Vegan available.

Indian style Curry, rice, mixed vegetable kofta and mint yoghurt V, Gf 7.50

Sky Apple burger V £4.50
with mayo, tomato and gherkins.

Cincinatti Chilli burger (vegan available) £5
As above but with tortilla chips, Cincinnati chilli, jalapenos and melted cheese.

Chilli bean quesadilla (vegan available) £5
Chilli, refried beans, cheese, jalapenos. Topped with salsa and avocado.

Hummus burrito with salad and/ or chips (vegan available) £7
Filled with roasted vegetables, hummus and salsa. Topped with cheese, more salsa and baked.

Halloumi tikka naan
Naan bread filled with griddled halloumi tikka, carrot chutney and minty yoghurt.

Mince and onion pie, chips and gravy £5.50

Halloumi kiev with salad or / and chips £7

Taster platter V £7.50
Sweetcorn fritter, falafel, mixed vegetable kofta, 3 salads, olives, hummus, lettuce, cucumber and tomato.

Chips £2
Mushy peas £1
Curry sauce £1
Gravy £1
mixed deli salad £4

Please ask for dessert options