Welcome to the Little piece of sky.

At the deli we have had a little reshuffle to give us a little more space now everybody will want to wait inside for their food during the winter months.

We have a few stools so if you want to sit in for a short while you can.

We have some new veganfectionery products. Andy has been creating homemade chocolate coated vegan and gluten free fudge and chocolate coated marshmallows. We have vegan and gluten free marshmallows on sale also.

For your store cupboards we have dried wild mushrooms, various chilli sauces from Bonnie burrito and more.

The deli is open 11 until 3.30pm Monday to Saturday and Friday nights from 5pm to 8pm for the Friday night Vish fry.

Halloumi naan We sell veggie and vegan wraps and sarnies, salad boxes, pies and pasties, cakes and on a Friday night veggie and vegan vish and chips. All menus can be found on the deli page.

buffets We can also prepare takeaway buffets from the deli for when we can meet in groups again. Use our buffet planning widget to build your own buffet.

Victoria sponge Also available from the Deli are vegan whole cakes and cupcakes as well as gluten free cakes. Click on the cake above to check out our selection for preordering.

Try our new cakemaker widget if you want to try making your own cake. It can generate hundreds of recipes that can be downloaded as a pdf to your device or computer.

We have a new section on the website Cook online. The idea is to develop a space where everybody can learn to cook veggie and vegan food. There is a section on Japanese cooking called vegetable nirvana. In the future there will be several interactive cooking widgets like the cakemaker, pasta picker, the spice grinder and the salad designer.

We will also be posting projects that teach step by step how to make some of our most popular dishes like the volcano and the mushroom wellington. Each project will build up a repertoire of recipes and dishes for cooking at home or for professionals looking for veggie and vegan ideas.